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I have been working as both Commis and Service staff for a few years at various locations but I still don't know what I want to pursue

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陈凯1 year ago
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Sera3 years ago

I believe that everyone has gone through this, whereby they are not sure where to go, and what to pursue and it's a confusing journey, especially for the career part. Here are some parts & advice that I can give and for you to apply.

1. You Need To Consider Your Hobby

You need to know what you love to do, what is your hobbies and you should consider writing all of your favorite hobbies. Then think carefully about why you're enjoying your hobbies. For example, if you like drawing, it might be because you lie being creative therefore creative industries will suit you more. Another example, if you like to go on Marathon and you have your own target on how many KM that you would like to run, then you can go to a job that is based on commission because you will get the thrill of catching your own target.

2. Speak to Career Counselor

I actually recommend you to do a consultation with the career counselor that could help to answer your question accordingly. You can have more clear direction on your future if you speak with someone that are professional. They also can help you to give an idea of the job that you never know existed. I suggest you can speak with any of HR in AskPro career advice . We are here to help you accordingly.

3. Don't Settle

As I read on your concerns, you said that you have been working in several places and you have been confused. I strongly suggest for you not to give up and do not settle for the less. I understand that sometimes, you might hate your own job but let's see from a different perspective. Try to find which part of your job that you enjoy and you can slowly discover if you can move into positions that allow you to work in that part. 

I hope my answer helps you accordingly. If you need more advice, feel free to get it at the AskPro website. There will be a number of HR experts that could give you advice regarding your career path. I wish you all the best!